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Salmson NOMADE

Our Salmson Nomade App is intended for installers and aims to help Building services' professionals in their daily tasks. This App is available on all Smartphones (iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry), and iPad. It allows you to :

  • Make your pumps and pumping systems selections

  • Get the interchangeability for residential circulators

  • Check out our technical contents : FAQ, technical leaflets, operating & maintenance instruction manuals

  • Geolocalize more than 800 distributors throughout France

  • Check out our latest news and learn more about newly launched products

The Salmson Nomade app also offers you the opportunity to register to our SalmsonPASS Club.
Please note that the App may require an Internet connection to update large volumes of data. It is best to connect to a WIFI network, specifically if it's your first use.

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