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IR-Bus communication

Controlling circulators and electronic speed variation pumps via infrared

Through the 'Salmson Pump Control' Kit and a laptop equipped with Windows, you can control all Salmson's electronic speed variation pumps and circulators. This kit is comprised of the App's installation software and a USB key that needs to be connected while using the App.

Through a user-friendly interface, you can easily set up your products' parameters, get access to instant data such as the flow rate. Also, you can save your set up data and record operational data over a specific period.

If you require further information or wish to receive a 'Salmson Pump Control' Kit please get in touch with your regional sales contact.
Tel. +33 130 09 81 81

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Intelligent solutions for the centralised technical management

Whatever centralised technical management is used.

Information technology is a vast science in constant evolution. Thus, centralised technical management involves the use of various communication systems.

Flexibility thanks to a modular concept.

To ensure an optimal connection to the centralised technical management, Salmson offers, for almost all its product ranges, interface modules that be integrated to the pumps. I you require to switch to another communication system, you simply need to replace the IF module.

Dual pumps management

The dual pumps management not only allows the switching but also energy savings. The use of dual pumps is simple and safer.

Control units

Salmson provides solutions customized to complex tasks.


With the MS/TP RS485, Salmson offers you the possibility to network field devices with BACnet. The maximum supported speed is 76 800 bauds. To transition into other systems you can use routers.

Download in .zip format :IF BACnet Modbus SIE DIE JRE LRE modules
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Download in .zip format : IF BACnet Modbus Siriux
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With Modbus, Salmson offers a riliable and well-proven undustrial standard

The protocol's structure is very simple, it uses the RS485 technology with the RTU protocol.

Download in .zip format: IF BACnet_Modbus SIE_DIE JRE_LRE
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Download in .zip format: Modules IF BACnet_Modbus Siriux
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The new Salmson Hispeed CAN interface is an open system allowing instant communication.

An ISO 11898 CAN interface defining data rates up to 1 Mbits/s.

Download CAN open in .zip format:
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Lon is a communication system allowing both vertical communication between the automation levels and free network configuration.

The Salmson solutions use the 8120 LON profile for pumps.

Download in .zip format : Lonworks SXE_DXE,LRE_JRE,Siriux_D, SIE_DIE
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Download in .zip format : Lonworks SIE-DIE 11 à 22 KW
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PLR - Salmson

PLR is Salmson's well-proven pumps communication protocol.

It is based on a point-to-point connection with no addressing.

Download in PDF format:
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CC Cabinets

CC cabinets help manage the pumps cascade operation.

Download the CC elements in .zip format:
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